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When structuring the Cloud Infra environment, builds a block diagram with Drag & Drop.
TuneCloud is an Auto Builder that, with one click of a button, automatically integrates the applicable created
block diagram through Provisioning with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Main Functions
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    Cloud Resource
    Auto Building
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    Cloud Instance
    Health Check
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    Cost Monitoring
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    Change Properties and
    Alarm through topology map

“Moving beyond Cloud MSP cloud total management service!” InnoTree's Cloud Solution, TuneCloud, aims to provide Multi-Cloud Total Management Service, which supports Infra
Provisioning for Multi-Cloud, integrated billing and monitoring and provisioning with two or more Cloud CSP companies.

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    Multi-cloud auto Provisioning

    It minimizes Human Error through Auto
    Provision &Validation Check on Multi-Cloud
    such as aws, Azure and GCP with just one
    click as well as configuring Infra quickly
    and safely
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    Multi-Cloud Integrated Billing

    TuneCloud checks the expensefor
    Multi-Cloudat a time and
    recommends the optimum expense
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    Multi-cloud monitoring

    Integrated Monitoring of
    Multi-Cloud And Pinpoint
    notification for failures

“Tunecloud! multi-cloud total management service TuneCloud goes beyond MSP service, providing Total Management Service that supports Provision of
various Cloud services, integrated Billing & Monitoring.

  • Auto provisioning

    Easy, Quick & Safe Auto Provisioning

    • optimization of cloud provisioning
  • Provisioning validation check

    Validation Check for Stable Management

    • Minimizationof HumanError
    • notification of validation error and prevention of auto Provisioning
  • Consolidated billing

    Integrated Billing Service

    • checking the expenses in multi-cloud Quickly and accurately
    • producing the detailed expense report for each cloud by each account
  • Consolidated monitoring

    Integrated Monitoring and Observation Services

    • Intergrated view of operation status
    • Pinpointing Failures and alarm function
    • Identifying root cause through indicator visualization indicator visualization
  • Business Owner

    Cost Optimization
    1. Shortened Provisioning time
    2. Cost reduction through an efficient operational workforce
    3. Quick failure response through pinpoint notification in case of failure
    4. Expense tracking service through integrated billing
    Reduced Failures
    1. Minimization of Human Error through Validation function
    2. Quick failure response through pinpoint notification
  • System Operation

    Stable and Convenient Operation
    1. Quick and safe Auto Provisioning
    2. Stable linkage with SSO through SAML, Oauth and so forth
    3. Failure response service through integrated monitoring
    Quick and Stable Maintenance
    1. Minimization of Human Error through Validation function
    2. Easy property setting of Cloud through GUI


  • Design


    Drag & Drop
    Architecture Design


  • Conversion



  • Transformation


    CSP API Call /

  • Provisioning



  • Monitoring



  • 01

    When creating instance, reduced wait time according to created instance for obstacle prevention caused by omission

  • 02

    Supports fast architecture design using components

  • 03

    Supports expected cost calculation through components

  • 04

    TuneCloud provides the world's first One-Stop service including Architecture Design with Drag&Drop,
    integrated Monitoring, and Billing

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    TuneCloud supports a variety of CSP platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud