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Blockchain applied to decentralized proof of transaction, forgery and falsification prevention, digital document
distribution, and finance innovation, is the core technology of the 4th industrial revolution.
Through the Hyperledger based Innoledger blockchain platform, various applied linking and applications are possible.

Main Functions
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    Electronic document metadata
    extraction and original copy
    registration function  
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    Authentication and original copy
    access control function according to
    electronic document distribution management system  
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    Automated synchronization
    registration function of
    electronic documents in ECM
    (Integrated Context Management)
    in PC
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    Document Hash value integrity
    check in ECM and registration
  • Document Registry and Document History Management


    Modification and document
    history management search
    are possible in the
    Document Registry.

  • Electronic Document Integrity Verification


    The originality and
    authenticity of the applicable
    document copy can be easily checked
    through login on developed site.

  • Legacy System Linking


    Can easily link by
    calling Rest API in the
    existing Legacy system.

  • Blockchain Generation Management


    Hash ID recorded in blockchain,
    generation search, and
    node management are possible.

  • Hardware Method CA Function


    PUF method testing
    using secure USB

  • Electronic Document
    Management Using ECM


    Internal document distribution
    is possible through Cloud storage
    using integrated electronic document
    management system (EDMS).

  • 01

    From the generation of an electronic document to long-term preservation, error-free verification system of pre-transaction electronic documents

  • 02

    Electronic document generation, management (preservation), transfer, pre-service process history management

  • 03

    Technology with a trustworthy background for the prevention of forgery/falsification of electronic documents

  • 04

    The introduction of the electronic document distribution management system makes tracking possible with accurate distribution channels and short lead time

  • 05

    Management history or individual history check possible in each phase

  • 06

    Improved transparency and ease of information tracking due to prevention of fraudulent activity such as document forgery or falsification