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The data-centric age has now arrived. IKMS (Integrated Knowledge Management System) solutions, built with No-SQL memory
DB capable of managing vast amounts of data and not simple accumulation, is a system that allows the user to
authenticate results at the desired moment.

Main Functions
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    DB building of documents corpus
    as non-structured data
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    Full search and
    Like search
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    Synonyms/similar terms
    search support through
    Korean text analyzer tool
  • 로고

    Communication Analysis

    • Class Notes/ Meeting Notes/ Consultation Analysis
    • Voice Conversion STT Link Call Center quality analysis
    • Medical EMR Automated Generation
    • Telemarketing, postscript monitoring
    • *stt: speech to text
    • *emr: electronic medical record
  • 로고

    Document/Online Analysis

    • Text recognition OCR job processing automation RPA
    • Information assetization of company work documents
    • Receipt accumulation, document processing automation
    • Error, accident, illegal monitoring FDS
    • *ocr: oprical character recognition
    • *rpa: robotic process automation
    • *fds: froud detection system
  • 로고

    Marketing Analysis

    • Real-time trend and new word detection
    • Online consultation consumer behavior analysis
    • Consumer response to new product release analysis
    • Media advertisement ATL marketing effect analysis
    • *atl: above the live
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    INNOTREE is a specialized company possessing document-based No-SQL memory DB building technology.

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    We assure functions and performance demanded by customers through linking open source search solutions and business solutions.

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    We possess unlimited experience in Integrated Knowledge Management System building.

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    Segregating all documents into forms and data and building a non-structured DB,
    Full search and Like search are possible.

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    Segregated data processed by text analyzer, application of synonyms/similar terms search and linkage is possible.

Building Models
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    Research environment building according to
    GLP regulations

    • GLP regulations and Part 11 applied to document-based authentication
      management system
    • Management and search of each type of test data,
      building statistics functions Access Log, Audit trail
    • Automated generation of test result reports and copy prevention
  • 02

    Segregating forms and data for each type of document,
    building non-structured DB

    • Automated building of new job processes due to user creation and registration
      of each type of form
    • Full search and Like search of non-structured document DB data possible
    • Automated document creation applying built DB to registered document form