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The integrated development platform IHF (InnoHybridFramework), supporting both web/mobile through frameworks verified by
large-sized finance/public/distribution sites, is a Cross platform development framework that builds stable and expandable
developed web/mobile applications

Main Functions
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    Service Access Layer Comprised of Authentication Control,
    Authorization Control,
    Security Handler and Screen Handler,
    provides control/regulation service
    for all remotely requested transactions
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    Integration Layer Comprised of MVC, Web Service,
    JMS Service and Batch Service,
    handles processing for requested
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    Common Layer Comprised of Locale Provider,
    Cache Manager, Property Manager,
    Interface Adapter and SCM, provides
    enviroment and support services

Inno-Hydrid Framework

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    Integrated development platform that supports fast/flexible building of Cross-Platforms for web and mobile

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    Through design with Spring (E-Gov)/CXF Framework-based architecture, ease of customizing and maintenance

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    Provides developer standard templates for maintaining application quality

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    Provides a variety of Library Classes, uptrend standardization and improved developer productivity using developer pattern templates for application quality

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    Active Response to OS platform changes and no constraints with device changes

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    Fast response possible to Web and App changes through Common Block Component management

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    Fast response to business environment changes through simplified mobile business Layer, unified processes

Building Models
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    IBK Industrial Bank Smart ON

    • Service through mobile for IBK Industrial Bank internal business
    • Business possible through a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs
    • Business area expansion through linking with external apps such as mobile in-service training and business card scanner
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    Chubb Life Mobile Sales Force Automation System (SFA)

    • Mobile cyber source system and replacement agreement system building
    • Applying adaptable web technology to provide PC web and Mobile services,
      builds integrated service
    • platforms such as public verification and timed interfaces applying IHF
    • Integrated web/mobile platform building applying InnoHybridFramework