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Through successful channel service building models, through proven integrated
development frameworks for complete web/mobile, we support the building/operation of
sales force automation systems, mobile channel services, cyber centers, and contract management systems.

Main Functions
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    Building web service
    with productivity
    through responsive type web
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    Ease of maintenance through
    open source-based
    hybrid platform
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    Web application server and
    API server building
    for easy linking with a variety of
    external interfaces
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    Sales management/sales support standard function modulization,
    reducing building time
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    Through successful building/operation experience, possess optimized technology
    for system-building business execution

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    Fast/flexible building possible of Cross platforms for web and mobile

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    Through simplified mobile business Layer and unified processes, fast response to changes
    in business environment is possible

  • 04

    Abundant experience with design/building in integrated service platforms such as Open API, SDP

  • 05

    Through a variety of Class Libraries and design pattern templates,
    uptrend standardization of application quality

  • 06

    Active response to OS platform changes is possible, and with minimal effect on device changes,
    efficient operation management is possible

Building Models
  • 01

    Ministry of the Interior and Safety Employee Mobile Messenger

    • Government employee work use mobile communication messenger BaroTalk system development
    • As a government 3.0 collaboration model, Android app and server API developed for
      service used by all government employees
  • 02

    Lotte Department Store Mobile Gift Card System Building

    • Infra building for real-time marketing
    • Differentiated UX function based
      (barcode direct use/send gift)
    • Optimal system building
      (SAP/CRM/POS/appreciation system linking)
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