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AI Big Data

Intelligent Knowledge Management│Intelligent Image Analysis

Intelligent Image Analysis and Knowledge Management, with the use of AI Big Data Deep Learning technology,
rather than the simple accumulation of vast amounts of data, is a system that allows the user to check results
at the desired moment.

Main Functions

Intelligent Image Management

Performing real-time analysis of images uploaded from CCTV camera, detects and accumulates behavior
by event for complex search and analysis

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    Safety Function

    Detecting restricted areas, registering and
    recognizing suspicious individuals
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    Transportation Function

    Car detection and analysis and car model
    search,traffic analysis and statistics,
    building Smart Parking
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    Living Function

    Human movement analysis, feature and
    clothing recognition,height measurement,
    reverse direction analysis,
    illegal waste disposal detection

Intelligent Knowledge Management

Not the simple accumulation of vast amounts of data,but built as a No-SQL memory DB
that can be managed, it is a system that allows the user to check results at the desired moment.

  • 01

    Possess large talent pool of specialists with building development experience related to AI
    Deep Learning based unstructured and image Big Data

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    04 Variety of behavior recognition based learning DB secured,
    Deep Learning based behavior recognition network learning and testing

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    Introducing an electronic document distribution management system,
    checking accurate distribution channels and accumulation with minimal lead time are possible

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    Possess specialized technology for building document based No-SQL memory DB

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    05 Segregating all forms and data, unstructured DB building with Full search
    and Like search are possible

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    Through open source search and common solutions linking, functions and performance
    demanded by clients are assured

Building Models
  • 01

    Incheon International Airport Image Control Facility Purchase Installation Business

    • Existing CCTV image analysis and Big Data extraction
    • Learning and modeling for Deep Learning based analysis
    • Common Infra established making various image information processing possible
  • 02

    National Police Agency XML Based Document DB Building

    • DB building of XML based document content for each document type
    • National Police Angecy knowledge management system using text analysis and document
      content search system
    • Document generation supported without installed document editor
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