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Without employee fulfillment, customer satisfaction is impossible to achieve.
With a variety of multifaceted Life care as the uptrend,
our goal is the total fulfillment of employee Needs.

  • Routine Health Checkup

    Health checkup for employees' healthy living

  • Flexible Welfare

    Various welfare support
    for employees

  • Corporate Condominium

    Daemyung Resort support

  • Vacation

    Special Refresh vacation with 3 years' continous service

  • Educational Expense Support

    Support for a variety of job-related educational opportunities,
    internal seminar support

  • InnoThink

    Book support for broadening
    the breadth of thinking

  • Mentoring, Study

    New knowledge learning in the workplace

  • Certification Support

    Various support for
    job-related certification

  • Company Events

    Fun events for company unity

  • Clubs, Year End Parties

    Club opportunities for
    broad social networking

  • Incentives

    Unlimited performance-based incentives

  • Reward System

    Excellent employee, sales,
    excellent project awards

  • Holiday Gifts

    Happiness inspiring gifts for fun holidays
    · Fall Harvest Gifts
    · Lunar New Year Gifts

  • Family Event Support

    INNOTREE with you on all occasions,
    happy or sad
    · Congratulations, condolence leave
    · Congratulations, condolence expenditures
    · Congratulations, condolence wreaths

  • Employee Loan System

    Loan system for employees
    · Housing loans
    · General loans
    · Housing support

  • Children's School Admission Gifts

    Congratulating your child's achievement
    · School admission congratulatory money