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INNOTREE with domain name (hereinafter called “INNOTREE“) has the following privacy policy (the “Policy“) in order to protect users’ personal information and rights, and address the users’ concerns with regard to their personal information.
INNOTREE will notify any amendment to the Policy in the bulletin board of INNOTREE’s website (or individual notice).
○ The Policy will be effective on March 25th, 2019.
■ Purpose of the Private Information
INNOTREE will process personal information of users for the purposes stated in the following. Personal information processed by the INNOTREE shall not be used for any other purposes than stated herein.
If any modifications should be made to the purposes hereof, INNOTREE shall take necessary measures including obtaining individual consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
Inquirer’s Identification and Confirmation, Communication with Inquirer(consultation regarding inquiry)
■ Personal Information File Status
1. Personal Information File Name : INNOTREE
- Personal Information Items : Name, Mobile Phone Number, Email Address, Telephone Number
■ Personal Information Processing and Retention Period
① INNOTREE processes and retains personal information within the time period during which INNOTREE is entitled to process and retain under the law or by the consent of the users at the time of collecting such personal information.
② The time period for processing and retaining personal information is stated below:
- Retention Period : Thirty (30) days after the inquiry is fully processed or until the inquirer requests deletion of his personal information; provided, however, that the following information is retained for statistical purposes.
(Items to be retained: the name of the business, the name of representatives, email address, telephone number and reply or opinion to the inquiry)
■ Rights and Obligations of Data Subjects and their Legal Representatives; Exercise of Rights and Performance of Obligation
Users, as a data subject of personal information, may exercise rights as stated below:
① A data subject may, at any time, exercise, including but not limited to, the following rights in respect to its personal information:
1> the right to request access to personal information;
2> the right to request modification to personal information;
3> the right to request deletion of personal information; and/or
4> the right to request suspension of processing personal information.
② A data subject may exercise the rights under sub-clause 1 in a manner consistent with article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as in writing, by electronic mail or fax.Upon receipt of such request, INNOTREE will promptly carry out the request.
③ A data subject may exercise the rights under sub-clause 1 by its agent including legal representative or a person with the power of attorney. In such cases, a data subject shall submit a power of attorney in a form given in the attached Form 11 of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act.
④ In case a data subject exercises the right to request access to personal information or suspension of processing personal information, such rights may be limited by Article 35 (5) or Article 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act.
⑤ In case a data subject requests modification or deletion of personal information, a data subject is not entitled to request to deletion if such information is provided as subject to collection under any other legislation
⑥ INNOTREE will confirm that a person who requests access to, modification or deletion of, or suspension of processing personal information is the right data subject or a lawful representative.
■ Personal Information to be Processed
① INNOTREE processes the following personal information:
- Required Items: Name, mobile phone number, e-mail address and telephone number
■ Destruction of Personal Information
INNOTREE, as a rule, destroys the relevant personal information immediately after the purpose of processing personal information is achieved.
The procedures, deadlines and methods of destroying personal information is provided below:
-Procedures of destruction:
The personal information provided by the users will be immediately destroyed after the purpose is achieved or such information may be moved to a separate DB (if it is a paper document, to a separate file) after the purpose is achieved and
retained for a period of time as provided by the internal policy and other relevant law. In the latter case, the personal information moved to DB will not be used for any other purposes than as required by law.
-Deadlines of destruction:
Users’ personal information will be destroyed within five (5) days after expiration of retention period, or within five (5) days after any personal information is deemed obsolete.
For sake of clarity, personal information is deemed obsolete if the purpose of processing personal information is achieved; the relevant service is discontinued or wind-up of business.
■ Installation, Operation and Rejection of Device Automatically Collecting Personal Information
① INNOTREE uses cookies which store and retrieve user information at any time in order to provide individually customized service.
② Cookies are small piece of data sent by a server(http), which is used to operate a website, to the web browser of a user’s personal computer, and they may be stored on the hard drive.
A. Purpose of Using Cookies : INNOTREE uses cookies to provide users with highly customized information by identifying the services and the websites that users visit and analyze the visiting pattern, popular search word, secured connection.
B. Installation, Operation and Rejection of Cookies: Users may reject storage of cookies by clicking on Tools>Internet Option>Personal Information Menu Option Settings at the top of the web browser.
C. If users reject storage of cookies, it might be difficult for them to use the customized service.
■ Personal Information Protection Manager
① INNOTREE appoints a personal information protection manager who takes overall responsibility of task in regard to processing personal information, and to properly handle a data subject complaint and provide appropriate remedies.

▶ Personal Information Protection Manager
Name : Mikyoung Kang
Position: Team Leader
Title: Team Leader
Contact Details :02-563-9066,
※ It will connect to the Personal Information Protection Team

▶ Personal Information Protection Team
Name : Management Services Department
Officer : Mikyoung Kang
Contact Details :02-563-9066

② If a data subject has any questions regarding personal information protection, or queries regarding complaints’ handling or remedies sought in using INNOTREE’s services (or business), he/she can contact the Personal Information Protecton Manager and Personal Information Protection Team. INNOTREE will, without delay, respond to and process any questions of a data subject.
■ Amendment of the Policy
①The Policy comes into force on the effective date, and where there is any modification, deletion or correction of the Policy according to relevant laws and policies, such amendment will be informed on the bulletin board from seven (7) days before the such amendment becomes effective.
■ Measures for Ensuring Safety of Personal Information
INNOTREE, pursuant to Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, takes technical, administrative and physical measures required for safety assurance as follows:
1. Implementation of a Regular Internal Audit
INNOTREE implements a regular internal audit (once in a quarter) to ensure safety assurance in processing personal information.
2. Technical Measures against Hacking and the like
INNOTREE has installed security programs and regularly updates and checks such programs in order to prevent personal information being disclosed or damaged by hacking or computer virus,
and the systems have been installed in an area with restricted access to technically and physically monitor and block external access.
3. Encryption of Personal Information
As users’ personal information and password are encrypted and then stored and managed, only the users themselves may know them. Further, INNOTREE uses additional security functions for important data, such as encrypting file and transmitted data or locking a file.
4. Use of Locks for Document Security
Document or auxiliary storage devices which include personal information are stored in a safe area with security locks.

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